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Volume Grab Bar Boxes Straight Grab Bars - 1.5 inch Straight Grab Bars - 1.25 inch
Straight Grab Bars with Paper Holder Grab Bars with Towel Bar Shower Grab Bars
L-Shaped Grab Bars Antimicrobial Grab Bars Colored Grab Bars
Wall to Floor Grab Bars Swing Up / Out Grab Bars Peened Grab Bars
Mounting Kits Grab Bar Shelf

The high quality workmanship of the ADA grab bars differentiates them from all the rest. All safety grab bars are fabricated from 18 gauge (.049) stainless steel, in either 1.5 or 1.25 inch tube diameters. Mounting flanges are welded to the tube to form an integral unit, and the round cover plate snaps over the flange to conceal the mounting. The snap-on cover plate is fabricated from 22 gauge stainless steel, with a 3-inch diameter.

All grab bars meet ADA accessibility guidelines in the USA. Grab bars have a satin #4 finish, but are also available in a variety of colors with or without antimicrobial coatings.

Grab bars should be professionally installed using a mounting kit. Due to the variability in application, fasteners are not included.